Hi, there are two new updates to Prospector game, please get the demo (still the full game) here: 


V0.13 added pocket bosses and building constructions, V0.14 allows saving/loading game progress. Since the game play time now attacks several hours, I pushed saving/loading games to the left in schedule. At the end, I’m glad I made this decision, because it turned out half of the game code was not ready for persistence.

The plans for other updates to come this year, I would like to focus on making the combat more attractive and adding some additional playable content.

Long term, I plan to include:

  • in-game level editor
  • farming
  • shields (only shield special effects are in-game atm)
  • program patterns  (to combine various programs and boosters using memory patterns)
  • in-game story animations
  • generated areas (for encounters, when using fast travel to distant locations)
  • shuttle mainframe enhancements

Source: itch.io

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