Home By The River is a 2D side scroller sandbox that is about building, cleaning up pollution, gaining virtue, earning income, and advancing your clean reactor technology to bring peace and prosperity to mankind. You can play single player or LAN co-op! I’m the developer, Gamer To Game Developer.

I’ve released the Demo of Home By The River here on itch.io. I hope you can try out my game and give me feedback.

About the Dev

My objective as the developer is to give you an environment that you can make beautiful and relax in. Home By The River is being developed by one person, Looqmaan aka Gamer To Game Developer, and it is the most meaningful game to me that I have ever worked on, and a full time job for me. I hope that I will produce something that I will always be happy about and that I can be happy and proud to show others. Home By The River is the first project that delights my heart whenever I work on it and I do hope I’ll keep on developing this for years and years to come. I’ve changed my pathway and stopped making games with violence (yes I will get back to Weekend Drive and transform that in the future to a beautiful peaceful game I hope). I’ve been making games and teaching game development for ten years.

You can build beautiful homes in Home By The River

You can cook food and you need to eat to keep your hunger stat in check. You can’t lose the game by staying hungry but rather you won’t be able to do much in the game by staying hungry.
In the late game you need to build an above ground lab to collect research points which you will use to unlock research cards. Research cards are used to print clean reactor components which you can then donate to the world.
I made a recent update that allows the player to grow plants at any place in the world so long as they place a soil tile underneath.
Using a trading terminal to sell commodities.
I think I made a pyramid
You and your cat are going to save the world
You start on a polluted land by the river. It is up to you to transform it into a beautiful place.This is an earlier video showing LAN multiplayer. I’ve made lots of improvements since then and I hope to organise another LAN game in the comings weeks and share the footage on my YouTube channel.

Just for fun I added fireworks (with sound of course!). It’s not available in the Demo game though because you need to be level 10.

Source: itch.io

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