Grill Day is a casual cooking game.

It features 15 levels with difficulty settings.

Very addictive and challenging.

How to Play:

Customers appear at the top of the screen with orders, for example a Burger.

  1. Grab a bottom bun and place it on the customer’s plate.
  2. Pick up a Patty with the Spatula and cook it on the grill,
  3. Once the cook gauge is on green color flip the patty with Space key.
  4. Cook the other side to green, grab the meat and place it on the plate.
  5. Finish the burger with dressings or ingredients (if required) and a top bun bread.

In the meantime, check all of the other customer requests, cook and deliver!

Each level grants you more items, meat types and new mechanics.

Link to Play:


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