DEADLY NIGHT is a single player, 80’s slasher movie brought to life as a video game. Prepare to feel helpless as you are stalked by one relentless killer with an insatiable bloodlust at a lonely motel! Out now! 


  • Use your wits to stay one step ahead of the killer – hide in closets, under beds, cabinets; whatever you must do to survive!
  • Cinematic experience encouraging replayability with multiple endings – can you save everyone? OR will you choose to kill them all?
  • Sleep with the lights on after encounters with a killer in an abandoned ramshackle home, desolate farmland, and a maze-like forest
  • Maneuver through and uncover secrets in the nightmare-scapes of a traumatized mind – these scorched earth memories and hallucinations will become your own!
  • Plug & play gamepad support!


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