I have been using the Smile Game Builder Engine now for about 635 hours at the time of this writing. I enjoy making 3D models/assets for my own games so I decided to make some for the market. I’ve just started making asset packs these past few weeks and will continue to do so. I have a list of packs already planned but am open to hear any suggestions. I hope these help you in your game making projects. Below I have listed the first of many to come. Enjoy!

  1. 30 doors/30 door frames = $5  Dark Door Pack

  2. 250+ terrain tiles = $10 Terrain Textures

  3. 32+ vehicle/buildings = $20 Vehicle/Buildings

I’ve included some images in the pack. For the doors pack, I made the frames separate so they can be interchangeable. I also included the open and close animations. For the terrain pack, I included a secondary folder named slope. You will import them as usual and then, within the engine, switch each one to slope. This will make an object that lets your character travel up and down a level. In the vehicle buildings pack, I gave the firefighter’s garage an open/close door animation. I also included flashing lights for the ambulance, police car, and fire truck. Each model can easily be changed in color. I included a color grid with instructions on how to change the colors yourself. And if you find it too difficult, I included at least around 30 colors pre-exported. The helicopter has animated blades. I’ve included a few images below but all images and trailer videos are in the links above.

Thank you for your support!

Source: itch.io