Link here! — Available on now!

I, BibiXP (Itch), and my teammate Drakka (Itch), have just finished our demo for our visual novel CTRL FREAK, and just in time for the ending of SuNoFes too! 😀 (We were so scared we weren’t going to finish)

“CTRL FREAK” is a pixel art visual novel in which you play as an AI who’s choices will affect the City it exists in and those who live within. After a blackout causes changes in the AI, she and one of the other protagonist will step up to help their household and, for better for worse, their actions will affect their relationships with the other protagonists and the City at whole.

Currently the demo features:

  • 6,000+ words!

  • The full common route!

  • Pixel art style!

  • An original soundtrack of 4+ tracks!

  • Choices! Multiple ones even!

And the full game will have even more features!:

  • Expanded story with three routes and multiple endings!

  • More art, more music, more everything!

In general we’re hoping to finish this whole visual novel this year, let’s see if that’s a good estimate!

And remember! If you liked this demo, we’d appreciate telling your friends and other people! After all, the full game will be here eventually! :3


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