Crash Override is retro-cyber roguelite available on Steam, and will be available as an Early Access release on September 14th this year for Windows PC.

Description of Crash Override:

“Race against time, surf the cybernet, stop the total infection of your mainframe by a malicious virus. Rezz, power up, collect your arsenal, and battle hordes of glitches.

Become overpowered – stop the virus.”

Crash Override is an Early Access game on Steam, and has a fully playable arcade mode as well as a speed run mode.

Inspired by popular titles – stay ahead of death wave (FTL), enemy hordes and leveling (Vampire Survivors), and in-game stores (Binding of Isaac).

New spin on previous titles – race ahead of the death wave (crash wave) while choosing from infinitely branching paths.

Enemy onslaught – shoot, dodge, and maneuver to take down hordes of enemy glitches.

To keep up-to-date Wishlist Crash Override on Steam:

Read the full Steam update announcement here:

New Feature – Laser (Weapon):

Level 1

Laser weapon level 1

Level 3+

Laser weapon level 3+

Level 10+

Laser weapon level 10+

Source: Indie DB

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