Me and Rondo Darkon have started development of the game Outland

It is a large open world RPG/bullet hell 

check it out here:

read the devlog here

here is the concept boxart

here is some info about it 

Hello There everyone there is a new game that I am making that is now in development called Outland with Rondo Darkon and me Gabriel Martin

In this first devlog I will talk about upcoming features, release dates, and expected prices and demos plus at the end we are still looking for a composer for the project so you can apply

First Part features: 

This game is inspired by RPG and bullet hell games from the 90s plus It is also inspired by some modern games like Undertale and patch quest

and stardew valley (and no it is not a farming game)

so it will have many key elements of a RPG/bullet hell 

The first thing I will talk about is the inventory

 What is an inventory an inventory in video games is usually where you can keep all of your items

and that is what I will talk about right now 

The basic inventory will have 14 slots 4 as an hotbar and 10 as an inventory in your backpack in in the inventory you can keep all of your potions items weapons etc. at you advance more into the game you can buy more inventory slots called  backpack upgrades and hotbar slots with a max of  6 hotbar slots and 26 inventory slots with a total of 32 slots

Next I will talk about weapons and fighting

one of the main elements of bullet hell games is the fighting parts of them

first I will talk about the magic 

What I have right now which there will be more in the future


shoot lightening at the enemy


shoot flames at the enemy


shoots magic stuff that follows the enemy wherever it go

default magic not really a name yet:

just normal magic

more coming soon not all of it decided yet



I am pretty sure you know what a sword is right?

bow and arrow:

it is a bow BUT WITH AN ARROW!!!! but you lose the arrows and you must buy more


a bow for weirdos


I thought this is for cutting wood?

more will come soon

lasso: use this bad boy to catch this

pets and followers:

pets there are random monsters you will fight and if you buy a lasso you can catch the certain monsters to fight with you

you can get a max of 3 pets to help you with a wide range of monsters to catch for battle


they are like pets but they are stronger they can use weapons you give them they hold stuff for you and have better ai but they are normal humans you can hire to help you or some people that you do a favor for they will follow you you have a max of 3 followers but they replace the pets so 3 pets and 3 followers

well I do not know what  more to talk about 

so I will talk about release dates and helpers and stuff

so expected release date late 2023

so a year 

Right now on the outland team we have:

Programmer: Rondo Darkon

Main artist: Gabriel Martin

lead designer: Gabriel Martin

Writer: Gabriel Martin

Music Composer: job not filled

effects composer: job not filled

we are looking for an composer to fill in both jobs contact me at gabrielgaming1991#3774

That was Quick

Well now I will talk about pricing

the expected price will be between 10 to 20 dollars

there will be a free demo which will be just the intro scene where you learn how to fight and stuff

That is the end of our first devlog

contact me with any questions comments or concerns or you want to apply as composer at:

gabrielgaming1991#3774 or my parter at Rondo darkon#3107

Have a blessed day


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