Hey everyone!
I’m a huge fan of HL & Portal. For the past three years I’ve been working solo on a game inspired by both of these titles.
I have just released a free public demo on Itch and I would love to hear your feedback! 🙂

Short Description:
ARTIFICIAL is a first-person physics based puzzle platformer inspired by Portal & Half-Life series. Interact with the environment, pick up and throw objects, sneak around enemies, control intricate physics-based mechanisms and learn how to survive in the underground colony of asteroid 2031 XT.

Gameplay Trailer:

Story Setting:
ARTIFICIAL takes place in the underground colony of the asteroid 2031 XT. The story of the game begins several months after an alien hive-mind entity “The Corruption” has appeared  and began possessing and controlling all human made technology. The player takes control of one of the survivors of this event, currently on their way back from a scavenging mission.

Public Demo:
I’m currently looking for all the feedback I can get. You can find the demo on the main page of the game here on Itch!

  • DEMO contains first ~30 minutes of the game!
  • All music has been specifically created for the game so you won’t run into any copyright issues!
  • Feel free to record and publish your gameplay!

Have a great day! ^^

Source: itch.io

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