Still haven’t seen enough to be moved to action? Let me tempt you like a good goblin should…with FREE stuff! Check out character creation and an adventure for beginners. Character Creation for Goblin Market by Paroxysm by Design ( and A Most Wicked Wig in Bonmont by Paroxysm by Design (

Here’s the link to the kickstarter, hope to see you there!

Goblin Market – Zinequest 4 by Gamenomicon — Kickstarter

Goblin Market is a cooperative and competitive race to corrupt the consecrated mortals. The Night Queen has given her goblin minions (that’s you!) tasks to corrupt mortals, gather secrets, and outwit other creatures of the night. The longer the group takes to finish their mission, the closer the mortal realm comes to discovering the Goblin Market. The ultimate demise of the fairy folk.

Beware, each turn-of-the-century city has a personality of its own, full of unique quarters and troubles like the streets being stalked by the spring jack and the Prudence Council patrolling the tipple houses. Each trouble brings their own unique enemies who know the true motives of the night creatures. Witches, inquisitors, and the twice cursed are all jeopardies most fatal. 

It is up to the players to navigate these treacheries and beguile their quarry ere the Tootle Pip strikes 13 and the Goblin Market disappears back into the veil. Leaving them exiled in a land of maddened mortals.

Goblin Market requires two to four goblins, a game guide, and uses the newly minted All4Two and Scene Builder systems.  If you want to see the newly created systems for the game click here for my website! (also free!)