PRINCE Everett has been sickly ever since he was young. Out of fear for his life, his parents, the King and Queen, forced him to stay in his room. On the night of the biggest seasonal event, he is laying in bed wishing to dance the night away like others in his class.

As if an answer to his prayers, a stranger appears on his balcony injured and asking to be let inside. But without knowing his intentions, what can Everett expect of him?

This Victorian-era Visual Novel revolves around our main protagonist: Prince Everett. On a night like any other, he expects to retire to bed and sleep through a once-in-a-lifetime event. But during the night, he wakes up to the sound of something rapping against his balcony glass. When he investigates the noise, he finds a tall man with an injured shoulder asking to be let in for refuge. 


  • 6,000+ words! (30 minutes to 1 hour gameplay)
  • Two endings! 
  • Beautifully illustrated CGs of our handsome gay vampire!
  • Gorgeous background art 
  • Original soundtrack to dance to alongside our fated lovers!
  • Full voice acting (with an option to turn it off if you’d like to make up the voices!)

PLAY HERE! The Midnight Dance by Oishii, PJ Pollina (aeugchad) (


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