• A missing suitcase. Punch-Card Policemen. Impractically large Hats.
  • A Psychedelic Murder Mystery
  • 28 Pages of Troika! Weirdness
  • 6 Unique Backgrounds
  • 2 Trippy Locations for Troika! City
  • Random Hotel Room Generator
  • 18 New Items
  • 7 New Creatures
  • Full-Color Illustrations on every spread

The Paper-Boys and the Capheads sent representatives to the Motel Zotel’s Penthouse to make a simple deal: Three Chests of Silver Pence in exchange for a Suitcase full of Uncut Dreams. Now both gang’s pointmen are dead in the Penthouse, and the suitcase and the money are both missing. Each gang accuses the other of treachery. They’ll tear the Motel Zotel room from room if this mystery isn’t solved!

Murder at the Motel Zotel is written by Austin Holm, author of Drawn from the Margins and Puppets of Beeglemaus. This homage to the original Troika! book delivers a strange, satisfying, and probably violent execution of the classic “who done it” format. This is designed for Troika! which you can get on their itch page.

We built this for the Troika! City Jam, you can get the six unique backgrounds as the demo product Backgrounds from the Motel Zotel.