This is Friday Night Funkin’ being recreated in GDevelop 5 for that good optimization and very easy modding!

This is a work in progress project but i really am working hard to finish this.

So you got a potato PC that can’t run the original Friday Night Funkin? Try this, it is very lightweight but epic version of Friday Night Funkin’!

The game includes: 

A new Start and Main Menu

Very Customizable Settings

Optimization Settings for you all Potato PC users

Upcoming Stuff are: 

Actual gameplay (only GUI exist for now)

Organizing events for easy understanding of the code

and many other features that currently be listed since this project isn’t much so far

For now there is no compiled download but a web version to check out!

Compiling is pretty easy using GDevelop’s Online Services to compile for Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, you can also compile to HTML Offline.

Note: GDevelop is a 2D Game Engine that allows making games very easily without code at all and you may use JavaScript along with it if you’d like to.

Check out here -> Here <-

Website Webpage -> Here <-

Source: itch.io

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