Hello Community and Table Top Player

with our just released Rulebook for Without Limit Games we have created the First Game with this Rulebook

Full Version:

  • A Full Character Sheet with Rule Set that can be folded by 2 into a Business Card
  • Front Side – Artwort and Character Sheet
  • Back Side – Game Ruleset
  • DinA4 Printable 2 Sided PDF
    • Always make a Test print before printing in Color and Quality

Requirements to Play

For more Information Check out:

Without Limits – An Artificial Journey by Stusse Games (itch.io)

Free Community Editions are available and more can be Unlocked with Project Goals!

Game Story

You are a “human/cyborg/android” on a journey to eliminate the artificial intelligence that controls the space sectors. You must eliminate humans, aliens and more on your way to the artificial world to defeat the AI. Collect scrap metal and sell it along your way to get supplies and weapons.

Source: itch.io

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