Smoothing the way for models processed in Pixyz to be incorporated into the Unity Editor, this release enables a seamless connection between Pixyz Studio or Pixyz Scenario Processor and the Unity Editor, with the export of a 3D model as a Unity Prefab.

If you want to transfer 3D or CAD models into the Unity Editor to create amazing real-time 3D experiences, with better control over import and optimization, or to handle very large models, Prefab export offers an alternative to the Pixyz plugin. 

However, if you need a more guided import process into Unity you can still rely on Pixyz Plugin, which also preserves more information, like metadata or point cloud.

Generating Prefabs directly from Pixyz software also gives you the capability to build an automated CAD-to-Unity Editor pipeline, without the need to rely on an intermediary format like FBX or PXZ.

When exporting a prefab from Pixyz, Pixyz supports these Prefab features: full hierarchy, meshes, instances, materials and textures (full details available here).

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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