DOWNLOAD HERE: Deep Awareness Of The Universe Visual Novel Chapter 1+2 by Alyssa Williams (

Deep Awareness Of The Universe (DAOTU) is a sci-fi, fantasy adventure visual novel following Zie, a teenage boy whose life is turned upside down when he accidentally discovers a peculiar briefcase in his father’s locked study.

What was meant to be another ordinary day suddenly turns into a fight for survival, as Zie not only tries to outrun his pursuers but also unravels what’s happening around him. Exotic lands, magic, ominous mafia groups – everything he thought was fantasy becomes reality.

Play alongside Zie, and his friends, as they uncover the secrets of the universe.

  • More than an hour of gameplay!
  • Multiple choices and interactive elements
  • Point-and-click segments
  • Colorful sprites, backgrounds, and animations

Here are some snapshots from the game!

Here is the link to our page! Please enjoy! šŸ™‚


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