Play Free Now: From Another World is a hand-animated game, heavily inspired by the likes of Cuphead and Hollow Knight. It also takes inpsiration from the soulslike genre. The visuals are strongly referencing the style of 1920-1930 rubberhose cartoons.

This game was a submission to the Brackeys Game Jam, which was a 7 days long contest to develop a game. The Theme for the jam was “You are not alone”.  Invaders From Another World subtley builds on that utilizing the sci-fi genre. It is essentially about aliens invading our planet – which concludes to the statement that we as humanity “aren’t alone in the universe”. There is no direct storytelling to find in this game, however, you can visually observe that you play as a country man who is battleing a flying saucer on his own in a rural area – at night time. Any story beyond that is for you interpret or imagine.

You can play Invaders From Another World for FREE right now, in the browser or as a windows desktop download. This was also the first game for which I edited a trailer. In the trailer you can see the sprites in their physical forms: ink on paper.


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