I’ve just uploaded the first release for my hard sci-fi RPG Perihelion. This is an introduction to the game, everything you need to create a character, and a butt-load of setting material in the sidebars.

Perihelion is a science fiction tabletop RPG set at the end of the 21st century, where you play oppressed, marginalised, and disillusioned citizens living in a socially divided but ultraconnected society.

The Earth is a dying remnant of the climate crisis, left to burn by the richest 1% who now live a life of luxury in vast space stations floating at Earth’s stable Lagrange Points. Mars is a wild frontier colonised by scientists and corporations and torn apart by factional warfare. You are anarchists, survivors, rebels, hacktivists, and high-tech radicals, fighting for social justice in an unjust world.

The Character Creation rules are a (free) 85-page protected PDF featuring full-colour CC, licensed and AI-generated art. Inside you’ll find:

  • 19 pages introducing the game and setting, including a timeline of events up to 2098
  • 13 pages explaining the process of creating a character
  • 12 pages of Careers
  • 10 pages of lifepath tables
  • 16 pages of Skills and Edges
  • 4 pages explaining how to put a Crew together
  • 3 pages explaining PC and Crew advancement
  • Credits & Art Attribution

The full devlog is here and you can download the PDF from its Itch page. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who plays around with it and creates some interesting characters.

Thanks for reading! Now on with the rest of the rulebook!

— Andy



Source: itch.io