“Those tools were so powerful in conveying a future project that our real estate developer clients started bringing their sales agents and potential buyers into our office asking for design presentations of the project,” says Dorian Vee, Co-founder and CTO at Imerza. “After witnessing several multi-million dollar deals get closed based on these presentations, we realized something was clearly working for the sales and marketing side as well. This is when we decided to deep-dive into the sales process, and ultimately launch Imerza as its own company.”For Imerza, one of the key challenges of the sales process is the fact that no two real estate projects are identical. Presentations need to be seamless and intuitive, which means that they always require bespoke features on top of the core platform. Fortunately, Unreal Engine is very flexible in that regard, with complete access to the entire source code, a robust C++ API, and a visual scripting language called Blueprint.

“These challenges require us to be constantly developing new features and user experiences,” says Dorian. “Additionally, real estate projects always have very tight schedules, which means we have to do this at Mach speed. Unreal Engine’s Blueprints allow our artists and developers to quickly iterate and test ideas in the field, and the open source code base allows our engineers to make any changes necessary to deliver the best-in-class experience our customers demand.”

The wide range of immersive experiences offered by Imerza includes photorealistic hi-res animations, interactive 3D real-time site models, live floor plans, walkthroughs, customized digital buyer brochures, and flythroughs, along with adjustable time of day and year simulations, VR and AR experiences, and mobile apps. These tools help sales agents to close deals faster and obtain a higher price per square foot.

Source: Unreal Engine Blog