62 PNG images of 8 CHARACTERS with the following movements: Die, stomped, hit, 6 flying frames, shocked and stand by

42 PNG images of the color background

36 PNG images of the dark foreground

47 PNG GUI images, including title screens, rewards, hearts, menu buttons, stars, sliders for volume and more

12 types of gears and saws in PNG image

3 types of stomps in PNG image

4 gorgeous PNG sets, including other types of saws, floors, stomps, machinery and more

12 PNG images of Powerups and Portals

3 PNG cobwebs

 15 more dangers such as cannons, missiles, other stompers, stalagtites, spike fences, rolling rocks, mines, bombs etc.

And finally, a 9 frames explosion

You can use these assets for any type of commercial game, animation etc. as long as you give credits to:

  • Badland’s developers FROGMIND & BLITWORKS

  • ChipsterMakesGames on and scratch (links)

you don’t have to give credits for personnal use of those assets

and the files are in a .zip so you wil have to take them out before using them ofc


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