Creating datasets (collecting and filtering images and videos), annotating the images, preprocessing/augmentation process, training, deploying and closing the feedback loop for continuous improvement is a complex process. Each step of the workflow is technically difficult and usually involves time and financial cost, and more so for systems working in remote areas with limited connectivity.

At Luxonis, we help our customers build and deploy solutions to solve and automate complex tasks at scale, so we’re facing all these issues directly. Our mission, “Robotic vision made simple,” provides not only great and affordable depth-capable hardware, but also a solid and smooth ML pipeline with synthetic datasets and simulation.

Another important challenge is the work that needs to be done on the interpretability of models and the creation of datasets from an ethical, privacy and bias point of view. 

Last but not least, global chip supply issues are making it difficult to get the hardware into everybody’s hands.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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