Spellburn and Battlescars is a Sword & Sorcery TTRPG where you play foolhardy adventurers who delve into mysterious places for wealth. With both classical conventions and modern sensibilities, it features:

  • Streamlined character creation, that uses randomness but still leave choices to be made by the players.
  • Fast and decisive combat, delivering high action while still keeping the constant risk of death.
  • Dangerous and unpredictable magic, where the next spell can completely change your character.

Good Pick for those who like fast paced and simple systems. This TRPG is a OSR child with a treasure driven goal and clean combat rules. — euibp (Itch review)

A simple system that excel in what proposes: dungeon crawling. — arthurdcosta (Itch review)


Other Details

Hello! My friend and I got to release SaB the past week and it’s been a blast so far. We just got our new cover art and we’re taking the time to share it with those who enjoy lightweight TTRPGs. If that is you, go check it out!

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate (we recommend readers to know a thing or two about TTRPGs, specially the GM)
Themes: Fantasy Dungeon Crawler, Fast Combat, Treasure Hunt, Wild Magic, Leveless
Similar: Cairn, Into the Odd, Mausritter, Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells

We add community copies regularly, so stay tuned if you can’t afford the game right now 😉

Game Page: Click here

Source: itch.io

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