Hello guys, I am twitch streamer (tw.tv/ViviLatvia) who decided to make a Visual Novel Game. 

You know that feeling when you play solid sh1t games all the time. So you want to create something cool of your own.

I am one of those who decided to do this. I don’t have millions $$$, I don’t have experience in gamedev, but I gathered a strong team around me and we created a DEMO version of One Eleven game for your criticism and evaluation. 

Don’t be afraid to say what you think. I want to make a game that doesn’t lag in scenery. I want that people want to play and discuss about my game.


One Eleven is a horror detective visual novel in a thriller/horror setting. The style of the novel is not accidental, it comes from the opportunity to tell the story more simply and easily, as well as to participate in it. Indeed, the key to a detective story is to solve the mystery that the game sets out. In One Eleven you will be able to communicate with all the characters, and make your own decisions during the course of the story. They may often be wrong and result in the death of the protagonist. The story begins with the main character reflecting on his hermit-like and bleak lifestyle. As a result, he decides to make a change, to get out of his house and meet some new people. He gets the chance to attend an unusual speed-dating event, not in the city centre, but at a local landmark on the city outskirts. The location is a beautiful lighthouse located in a rocky area. It usually attracts tourists, but it’s springtime, known for its stormy weather.


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