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This is LittleMugGames and a new game is now available

TRICOSMOS Cardinals Legacy is composed of 3 JRPG-style main campaigns and a side “boss rush” mode where your party will face numerous enemies encounters across the region of Gadrios. Each chapter is characterised by a story set in a unique version of the universe and a combat system different from the others in regards to ways to strengthen units and approach adversaries. Explore towns, interact with the people and the environment, engage in combats with various monsters and bosses that threaten the peace of the region. Additional enhancements can be unlocked when completing all the campaigns, giving you a fresh start with more characters to play in each adventure and a Gallery containing more details about the world of Gadrios. 

You can claim the game for free until September 15th, don’t miss this opportunity!

Check it out here: https://littlemuggames.itch.io/tricosmos-cardinals-legacy

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