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DownTheDead, a first-person shooter(FPS), takes place at the onset of an outbreak in a government research facility. It’s you versus a government experiment gone sideways, with a zombie apocalyptic sweeping the globe if you fail. No pressure.
You got this. It doesn’t matter that you just woke up in your room, have no idea if you’re a staff or a patient, and are woefully unarmed.

DownTheDead is a game of danger and discovery. A new threat is around almost every corner, and your keen eye and quick wits are vital to keeping you alive. As you progress through the game’s multiple chapters, you will also learn how you ended up there, what has transpired, and the truth behind the research.

So, download the free Demo and dive in. Wake up, grab a weapon, and get ready. It’s time to start figuring out what just happened and how you can either stop it or simply get out alive.

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