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Developed for Snappy Gurus 5 day Game Jam with the theme “Ignorance is Bliss”.
BrandonN – Lead Designer & Programmer
JustLuke – Programmer
Eldritchhorror – 2D Artist


Move – WASD

Interact (Door, WIndows, Light Switch) – E

Force quit – Esc


  • Lock doors and windows to keep the monster out

  • Stand underneath powered lights and interact with various objects to decrease anxiety (Computers, Kitchen Sink, Bed)

  • Avoid increasing anxiety

  • Don’t let it get you

A boy wakes in the middle of the night to the sound of lightning. Upon opening their eyes, they spot a ghostly figure staring through the window. The boy turns the light on, and it is gone. Is he imagining things? Suddenly, a window opens in the living room. But the boy chooses to ignore it, for he is too scared to look. A decision which would prove dangerous…


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