This pack is currently part of a horror music bundle for the next 7 days (That’s almost 40 horror music tracks for just $20)

This pack contains 15 seamlessly loopable dark piano tracks (16-bit, 44.1kHz wav files) and 30 mins, 29 secs of original music.

This dark piano pack is designed to fit many different styles of horror games. Whether it’s an RPG-style survival horror, psychological horror, point-and-click horror, or a horror visual novel, this pack will give a wide variety of moods to your game: Tense and suspenseful stealth themes, frightening chase themes, tragic plot-point cues and eerie area loops are just some of the moods you will find in this pack. From evil and creepy to mischeviously playful, these 15 piano tracks will evoke a wide array of emotions. Four of the tracks include alternate lo-fi versions with additional effects applied to the piano for maximum spookiness! The track “Oblivion” also includes a part 1 and part 2 isolated version.