Escape from Mars version 1.0 now available

Escape From Mars is a Java-based simulation game. You play as an astronaut who has to escape from Mars before the alien boss triggers his ultimate weapon. If you fail to escape, the weapon will have an unexpected side-effect and you will be caught in a time loop. Depending on the location you are in, there are a number of actions available. These actions may be further limited by previously performed actions. Make sure you don’t forget to check your oxygen status and eat from time to time.

The game was developed for the game jam “Mini Jam 113: Final Boss”. It makes use of AI-generated images. As far as I know it’s the first game built with AI-generated images (but please correct me if I’m wrong). Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game and what AI is generating šŸ™‚

Also checkout my other game Jenna’s Virtual Life and please support its development on Patreon.


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