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thanks for taking the time for viewing this topic here. We (ZingZangGames) are currently developing TeamDownGame, at its BETA is almost there!

The game will be based on short + chaotic rounds, where you’ve to compete against 3 other players or friends and survive the longest to win,  but if course – you can also play in singleplayer mode.

(We’ll add online-mode after the beta and after we’ve ensured all maps are actually fun to play!)

…And for that, we need your help! Please visit the game by pressing the link below – and add it to your collection to get notified when the BETA launches! Your feedback as a betatester will be really appreciated!! More information, such as features & support about the game can be found at the game’s itch site.

➡️ Visit the game!
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Source: itch.io

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