I just launched a new module for Foundry Virtual Tabletop (Foundry VTT) for D&D 5e, aimed at making the life of a DM much easier: the NPC Generator for D&D 5e.

The goal was to make it as smart as possible so the DM can really focus on bigger things.

It uses a heavy algorithm to stochastically create NPCs on demand with just a few clicks, it has dozens of name generators embbeded with a very smart system for both name selection and character building.

You choose the CR you want, job (an alias for a npc class) and race (or randomize everything! try your luck!) and it stochastically creates an appropriate NPC. There are trillions of possible combinations.

You can even upgrade NPCs if you want or create NPCs based on already built characters. If you own any supplement the module already identifies the compendiums and adds more content appropriately.

I hope you enjoy using it!
Source: itch.io

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