You were woken up in the night by your phone alerting you of the current situation : A nuclear attack is ongoing on your country’s territory ! 

Hopefully, your house have this good old shelter that will save everything… Better reinforce it before it’s too late !

Emergency Shelter: Nuclear Attack, or in short, Shelter, is a modern survival game (with a scenario) where you will need to survive (wouldn’t guess it) and reinforce your shelter before the disaster returns. Wander around the city of Thunderstorm to encounter people that you will help you (or not), and to find the resources to survive and reinforce this shelter for good.

Many aspects and base RPG mechanics of this game are inspired of other games, so you should be familiar with it. 

There is only a Windows version for now, but this can change in the future.


⬆️ The inventory

⬆️ Wandering in the apocalypse

⬆️ Mining resources in a familiar fashion

Check it out here (I will really be grateful to you if you play it !) :