A collection of EIGHT tabletop roleplaying games, all based in past or future history with some mythic tweaks. $6 USD for the lot!

Seven 24XX hacks, and a Vampires & Claymores hack.

  • after: Wights dig graves inside out, assume the identities of those whom they devour. Is your best friend really your best friend after they’ve been digested and reconstituted? What if they raven and ravage again?
  • Dory+Apsis: Homeric tragedy in pursuit of glory. What is your fate?
  • Eriu: Beware the patruns whose whims can ruin you, or lift you up. Adventures in Bronze Age Eriu.
  • Fair Ones: Souls left to wander far grow wondrous strange and fair. They haunt and can be tamed to serve the living.
  • shine: Bootleggers, jazz cats, and squares contend in Prohibition-era United States.
  • sphinx: Ancient Egyptian adventures.
  • Stone Bone Copper Wood: Chalcolithic myths.
  • Tramp: You are the crew of a tramp freighter on the Great Lakes of North America, during United States Prohibition era.

All for a reasonable bundled price.

24XX: use different shapes of polyhedral dice, depending upon your character’s skills or traits, to randomize whether they accomplish their goals without incurring risks such as injury or embarrassment. Vampires & Claymores: roll opposed pools of traditional six-sided dice to assess whether your character accomplishes tasks without problems.

Source: itch.io

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