Connected through fate (Visual Novel, Otome game) Demo out now!

Connected through fate Demo is out now! 

Hey everyone! ^-^/

Finally, the time has come! Our campaign on Kickstarter has started and the demo for Connected through fate was released today on! We are very excited, as a lot of love and time went into our game. The plan is to release the full visual novel in early 2023!

We are three creative minds, consisting of:

Xandarius: Responsible for the script and translation.

Sebastian: Contributed most of the music for CTF!

Chokiko: That’s me, I’m responsible for the story as well as character design and gui.

There will be 4 routes and 8 different endings in the finished game. For each route there will be a good and a bad ending. Some more information can be found on our and Kickstarter page.

The original text edition is in German. If there is enough interest and Connected through fate gets funded on Kickstarter, we will release the whole game with english text output as well. The demo already contains both language versions, so you can get a first impression of the game

Download the Demo on

If you love romantic and dramatic stories like I do, you might like our visual novel. <3

Thank you very much for your attention, of course we appreciate any kind of support!


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