Hi folks! Welcome! This is my newly released Merchant/Shop System for the engine/tool “RPG in a Box”(http://www.rpginabox.com). Currently it has very limited functionality, but it does perform the basics of what it needs to do.  If you like what I created, please please please consider making a small (Or large, I am not biased 😛 ) donation for this project as it will help me continue to develop this, other plugins, software and games even further. 

The Merchant/Shop system utilizes RPG in a Box’s Message Box and Display Choices functionality to create a merchant store for your characters to purchase from. Set up is very easy to do. The scripting and shop set up is incredibly minimal, straight forward, quick and easy.  The systems minimal functionality is highly recommended for beginners looking to spice up their games. This system is in continuous development and will continue to add more functionality and features. 

Download it completely free of charge here: https://jdiperla.itch.io/merchant-system-for-rpg-in-a-box (Although a small or large donation would not be opposed 😉 )

Source: itch.io

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