Hey everyone, our Kickstarter for Chester’s Revenge is now LIVE. Please consider checking it out and spreading the word. Additionally, we have a free two-boss demo to try that is currently available here on Itch or on Steam.

Play as Chester, a smart-mouthed guinea pig with an attitude who is hell-bent on a quest for revenge against the murderous Rad Ralph.

  • Chester’s Revenge is a retro-style 2d Shooter with a strong design emphasis on precision platformingintense combat, and epic boss fights. 
  • Heavily Inspired by ’80s pop culture and 2d classics such as Cuphead, Metal Slug, and Mega Man. 
  • Claim your revenge and crush eight planned epic bosses across eight planned kickass platformer levels.
  • Chester’s Revenge was built using traditional 2d pixel art. We wanted to create a look and feel that comes right out of the SNES era.
  • Rock out to an epic 8-bit Chiptune Traditional Soundtrack that will melt your face off and take you right back to the ’80s.
  • Every boss character is fully voiced and has its own unique character and backstory.
  • Coming to Steam, Nintendo SwitchPlayStation, and Xbox home consoles.

Kickstarter Now LIVE


Source: itch.io

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