This is my first game on, an action roguelike.  Each room is randomly generated with monsters, traps, treasures, and a destructible environment. There are many power ups you can get, which all stack, no inventory management needed.

Here is the page for Zimmer

In the screenshot you can see in the status bar the health, armor, mana, attack damge, gold, dungeon level, and a list of items that have been found. Four doors at the top of the screen, the one with a potion symbol is a shop, and the one with an X is a warning not to go in that door (An item gives this warning). The tables, chairs and boxes here are all destructible, and the food on the table is edible, at your own risk. You can see a recently dead monster was taunting our hero, and setting things on fire. All the dark circles in lines are spike traps. These are just a few of the things you can encounter in the game.

Here is a video if you are interested in seeing more.


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