We are happy to release the game from its early access phase and bring you the last three stories of the game! These stories have never-before-seen features and we hope you enjoy them.

Note that the price of the game now goes to 9.90€. If you have installed the early version, the game will remain free.

drifters tales screenshot 10

drifters tales screenshot 4

New Features:

  • New story: The Moss
  • New Story: The Stone
  • New Story: The Monarch
  • New Covenant: Followers of Mara
  • New Covenant: The Mother of Lost Faith

What are we going to do in the future?

We will rest and support the game by only releasing quality of life improvements and bug fixes until the end of July. After this well-deserved rest, we will turn to free additional content that will highlight certain aspects of the game:

  • New game +, new game +2 – after the end of the game, you can choose to restart a game keeping your level and acquired items. New cards can be unlocked, and enemies will have additional cards in their deck.
  • Ghostly Cards – in each story you will have the option to send other players cards with unique effects along with a message. These cards can be unlocked randomly at the end of the fights.

And above all…

Thanks. Thank you for supporting this game while it was being designed and finished, we received lots of positive feedback, as well as a ton of community feedback which helped the game to have this quality that we are proud of.

We don’t have the media coverage or the budget of some games, but it’s been a real pleasure to dive into this adventure – and it will be a pleasure to continue it with you.

Source: Indie DB