Balloon Beach takes the concept of a real world three person water balloon launcher and places it in the palm of your hand. Launch water balloons at people and other objects in 3D digital worlds. Start off at the Public Beach and launch balloons towards unsuspecting beach goers. Work your way up to new places around the islands. Unlock new targets, features, power ups, and levels by earning stars. Earn in game coins to buy colorful new skins.

We are still working to add new features as we have a ton of things we would love to do with this project. But we are limited on developers, time, and resources. The more downloads, shares, and reviews we get the better chance we will have at being able to make this project  into the bells and whistles rich game we envision. project link:

Youtube playlist with a bunch of videos showcasing the game:

QRCode link to the game (you just have to pick the appropriate app store):


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