Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know my next game has been officially announced, and a campaign is underway. My new game is a cyberpunk open world RPG titled “Neopunk”. I can’t wait to share more with you soon! Here’s the page on itch, and here is where you can preorder the game now.

Step into a cyberpunk world of the future. Start a new life as an agender mercenary who moves to the dark and neon lit streets of Kaanalos City. Choose your AI companion boyfriend or girlfriend, and pick up your gun: you’ll need it. Help solve murders for the KCPD. Take on assassination contracts for the mob. Learn the secret dealings of Baxter Corp, the megacorp that controls the city. Or just deal drugs and hire prostitutes (or use the drugs yourself and kill the prostitutes to rob them). Freedom awaits you in Neopunk. Who will you be?

Thanks for your support!


Source: itch.io

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