Hey people! I’ve decided to release an open beta of a RPG I’ve been working on last couple of years. It’s pretty much completed, but needs polish and some feedback. 

What is it about?

Join Alto and Haruna in their first ever serious adventure!

  • Explore the depths of Kalmahalla – an ancient temple currently inhibited by some bums (?) and find secrets of the depths that shape your understanding of the world’s history!
  • Three chapters of story mode based on years of world-building (I might release the docs some day!), with pixel art CGs and a bit of a retro vibe 😉
  • Magic system that’s based on a continuously flowing mana honey, called substance! Should you deplete enemy of their substance? Your substance will flow there next turn, depleting you both! Should you fight in a place with no substance? Oof, but these monsters’ claws are too sharp against your fists!
  • Find a bunch of thermoses to make Alto think of new spells! Should you boil your enemies with magic tea, or should you  drop some sharp crystals on them? 
  • Fight secret bosses! Some of them might tell you a story, or reward you with cool gear (more thermoses!) Or a book!
  • Talk and watch characters act! All of them were made with great love <3
  • But most importantly, just enjoy the game.

Have a trailer 😀

⬇️ Play it here ⬇️

[Beta] Altale I: Mystery of The Kalmahalla Temple

Source: itch.io

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