Botanical TD is now available on as demo version:

This is a tower defense where YOU have to decide in which way enemies get stronger.

(The game is in active development and will be released on Steam later this year.)

Build and upgrade towers!

  • 7 unique towers: – You build towers all over the map finding the best positions for an effective defense. Combine their strengths to make them even stronger.
  • 5 upgradable levels: – Upgrade towers to their max level of 5.

Defend against strong enemies!

  • 5 different monsters: – Fight against monsters with different size, speed and health.
  • 6 special power-ups: – Every few waves you choose one out of three random power-ups for monsters.

In the demo version there is one map which is playable in easy and hard. The goal is to destroy the red crystals on the bottom left before enemies overrun you!


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