My game:

Greed is the ally of innovation, the enemy of progress.

Once, a game developer attempted to create the first self-sustaining video game. A game that required no engineers, architects, or any human hands to build. Instead, this game would be the result of an algorithm so powerful, that it would be able to generate the kind of enjoyment and activities that any player would ever want to do. To create a perfect simulation of any world desired. For forever.

This is that game. Gaiaverse.

(A twine text adventure that is basically a whole short story. Takes about 60min to complete though that depends on reading speed. I apologize in advance for making something so convoluted and long, but the story kinda outgrew the premise. Pretty appropriate for the story’s theme, though.)

(Contains: Character Creation, Multiple Choice Dialogues, Loneliness, Synth Guitars, Communism, Lootboxes, Smug Elves, and a Large Tower.)

(Feel free to leave comments and feedback, I appreciate any questions.)


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