content warning for the comic: graphic sexual content, romance and body positivity between a Transgender woman and a Cis woman, discussions of genitalia and gender identity, light bullying, adult toys and mentions of interest in fetish. 

Hey everyone, I’m brand new to, it was recommended by a fellow nsfw comic creator as a great platform for getting my comic out there, so I wanted to share it with all of you and thank you for having me on the site! I hope to upload many comics in the future, both safe and not safe for work. Please leave a review and let me know what you think, I’m very excited to share this story with all of you and see what you think of Frankie and Lori! 

A little bit about me — my name is Rebecca Ann, I’m a freelance comic artist and also a bookseller and art lead at independent bookstore Mysterious Galaxy. I’m twenty seven and currently living in southern California with two feral rescue cats and my partner David Mariotte who is a writer and editor at IDW Publishing. I create work under the name Pop Culture Punk because it reflects my interests and values, if you visit my portfolio you’re sure to be greeted by some familiar faces from pop culture, drawn by me, a queer disabled punk! 

I hope you check out the comic and enjoy it! There are some loose plans for an extended slice of life erotic series about these two for the future, so I hope you enjoy them and want to know them more. 

Thank you, and without further ado, please enjoy Rivals!