Hi everyone! 🙂

We’re Crimson Delight Games, and we recently uploaded a diverse portraits pack for fantasy and medieval characters!

We posted the asset pack last night, and got an automated e-mail from Itch with a suggestion to share the release info with the community on this subforum, so here it is! The pack is available here: https://crimsondelightgames.itch.io/crimsondelightgames-medieval-and-fantasy-por…

There’s 2 separate packs of 14 characters each with a total of 146 unique variations! Each character has multiple versions…

Consider picking up this asset pack if you’re developing a fantasy or medieval game, and need portraits/busts for your characters.

For more information about the art and licensing, check out the link above.

Thanks, and have a great day! 🙂

~ Crimson Delight Games

Source: itch.io

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