Hi everyone! It is with great pleasure that I publish today a very first version of Agathe The Potato: The Game ! 

Game page: https://nikolus.itch.io/agathethepotato

Here is the context:

“Humans have always eaten fruits and vegetables. In an era where intensive agriculture is everywhere, this food is more than ever exploited, subjected to mistreatment before being eaten.

You play as Agathe, a potato, which was bought at the supermarket with other fruits and vegetables. You then find yourself in the house of the man who bought you. Your goal is to gather Agathe’s friends, scattered around the house, and then escape! But beware; the man is lurking in the house…”

Don’t hesitate to try it, it’s free!

Game Trailer: 

🇺🇸🇫🇷 Available languages: English/French 

💻 Available for Windows only (for the moment)

Source: itch.io

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