I just posted a new game I’ve been working on for about a month called…

Order Automatica


It’s a turn-based auto battler on a grid where you: 

  • Draft your grid of allies
  • Arrange them in synergistic formations
  • Equip items to gain power
  • Survive against a gauntlet of enemy grids
  • Perform the rites and ascend with a variety of different team builds
  • Unlock new allies and power ups!
  • It has character art from an asset bundle I bought on itch by Penusbmic: https://penusbmic.itch.io/

This game was inspired by my love of Super Auto Pets, with the twist that your characters are on a grid. The grid stuff is based on some ideas I’ve had bumping around in my head ever since I played the game Loot Rascals a few years ago, which has a grid-like position-based buffing system.

I hope to keep developing this game, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Some things I have in mind to add:

  • More allies, items, and indulgences and a more involved metagame for unlocking these things
  • An ally leveling system (probably something similar to DOTA Underlords where your ally automatically levels when you own 3 of the same)
  • General graphical upgrades, bugfixes, and quality of life improvements

Thanks for taking a look!

Source: itch.io

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