Kevin is a purple creature that lives in a quiet toadstool πŸ„ town. When his love at first sight is kidnapped by a giant cyclop πŸ‘Ή, the Hero must act and save his love. The road to Cyclops Castle 🏰 is full of difficulties, but with your help, we can do it. Help Kevin save his beloved ❀️, complete all locations and defeat all enemies, including the Cyclop! ✨

Amazing features:

🟣 fabulous animations and high definition in-game graphics
🟣 constantly increasing number of levels
🟣 many challenging enemies
🟣 12 different characters to choose
🟣 5+ different world themes
🟣 classic platform game style
🟣 free future updates with loads of great new content
🟣 the game is perfect for the whole family. Adventure with Kevin is fun to play both for children and adults;
Kevin’s Adventures is an arcade-adventure platform game πŸ•Ή, where you have to run, jump, shoot slime, smash blocks, earn coins, diamonds πŸ’Ž and points. You can improve your character, buy new characters and other additions. Kevin’s world of adventures is full of dangers, from angry turtles 🐒, spiders πŸ•·, prickly hedgehogs πŸ¦” and fast birds 🐦 to furious yeti, hungry plants 🌺 and the cyclops himself! πŸ‘Ή 

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