We just clicked launch on a little toy/game/research project. I’m part of a team of scientists investigating how humans and computers can work together – or how we can make tools to help them work together.

The genetic car designer is a toy for you to play with, and playing with it will help our research and understanding of how humans and computers work together. 

Have fun! (Full description follows)



We are a team of scientists trying to understand how humans and computers can work together to design new technologies. As part of trying to understand this we’ve created this toy car designer which you can play with!

Design the triangular 2D car of your dreams!

Your job is to design a simple car to solve one of several terrifying challenges. Do you dare test your design against the road bumps or face the dreaded ski jump!!

Work with the computer and each other

You’re not on your own, at the same time as you’re designing your car so is the computer. Will the computer help or hinder your progress?  If you play on the downloadable version of the game you’ll also be able to share your designs with friends and the community!

Help with real scientific research

If you opt in to sharing your data then just playing this game will provide us with a better understanding of how humans work with computers. Using this we can design better tools for engineers and designers.

Source: itch.io

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