Important thing that I was working with was the climb system. The player will have to solve many puzzles and above all get to places by climbing. The game is inspired by Tomb Raider and game mechanics from the retro TR series. At the end the game will have 3 levels, it won’t be a large project, I’ll try to polish as much as possible first level before I’ll do another.

The Climbing system is based on points, there are climb prefabs with points and character finds the closest point where to hang.

Also some work on level design. You can see torches and I’ve also added audio sources to rain or torches. Or post processing effects like motion blur, bloom or changed colors.

I’ve started a project in 2019. Yeah, that’s a long time ago, but I wanted to finish my projects that were supposed to be abandoned. My experience in GameDev definitely changed after many years, so now project development is much faster and better.

Also important, if someone wants to help me, bring support, please contact me, write a comment or mail me at [email protected]

Watch recent gameplay. As you can see, there are many essential features added like the character controller, weapons, bow, inventory or items. You can see my other project called The Searing Mountain, it has almost the same game mechanics as I develop games in the same way.



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