We’re happy to announce that the full version of We Used to Be Friends is now available!  You can check it out by going to the game’s page: https://firestormink.itch.io/we-used-to-be-friends-full

What is this game about?

We Used to Be Friends is a collaborative teenage detective drama game that’s Powered by the Apocalypse. What does that mean?

Collaborative means that there isn’t any one person whose job it is to direct the game. You all work on it together, and since it’s a detective game you’ll uncover the clues and the mystery as you play the game.

Teenage drama game is exactly what it sounds like. All the characters are in highschool, and dealing with all the emotions, relationships, friendships, breakups that come with that. Even the design of the book is meant to evoke a yearbook feel.

Because it’s a Powered by the Apocalypse game, that means it’s got a streamlined character creation system and a straightforward way to tell how you succeed and the outcomes from that.

What’s in this version? 

  • The Official Clue Chart by Tim Paul Groth so you can use it to help generate your clues
  • The Extra Yearbook Profiles including the Libertine, the Plotter, the Ingenue, and the Crew Leader
  • All the moves for all the Yearbook Profiles, so there’s going to be things you haven’t seen yet for your favourites
  • The rules for the Season Long Mystery
  • Lots of explanations and primers on how to play the game collaboratively

What is still coming?

  • The updated Character Keeper Google Sheet which was originally created by Clint Smith
  • The official character Sheets for the game
  • Plug and play settings
    • The first one is written by me and it’s called Steelton and I hope to get enough money from the sales to get more of them.
  • Audio version of the book

Source: itch.io